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The donation-based tickets: a story

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

A lot of people have inquired why we’re doing donations instead of just selling tickets in the first place for our performances. There are a few reasons why we chose to do this, and most of it is based on the idea that we, the Indonesia International Piano Competition, believes that good performance should be available for everyone, and that our mission is to further music education and appreciation in Indonesia.

The first reason: we want to get you to appreciate music in your own way.

In a lot of ways, of course monetary contributions are the first instinct people think of when they appreciate something. You buy tickets to performances. We believe in the idea that people should be able to value music their own way, and we are so proud and confident of our artists line-up that we think you would appreciate the value that they bring to the Indonesian music scene.

The second reason: we do not want to limit people through their finances for them to enjoy good music.

One of the many reasons younger students don’t go to concerts is because they have to spend extra money to go because they can’t go on their own. That’s true! Moms and dads, or teachers, or older siblings have to go with them, and ticket prices can go up so quickly when you’re going with your family instead of just by yourself. In my mind, there should be no reason the younger students shouldn’t be able to go to concerts because it costs too much for everyone to go to the concerts. This way, the family can afford to go to concerts, making things financially feasible for them to enjoy, learn, and listen to a good concert and have a good experience.

The third reason: we’re doing this as a fundraising effort.

Indonesia International Piano Competition aims to bring the best competition experience: from the world-class judges, neat and professional organization of the competition, to the various prizes that they provide the winners and participants. We want to continue to provide this opportunity to the young musicians of Indonesia and the Asia region, and in order to do this, we need your help! Through these concerts and the generosity of the artists that we have in our line-up, we will use the donations that you contributed towards this goal of furthering educational and musical experience for young musicians. We hope that you will join us in this endeavor.

As we are starting our Beethoven: The Grand Festival this year, celebrating Beethoven’s 250th birthday, we’re hoping that what we present to you not only becomes meaningful experiences as the year go, but also become a chance for us to build a community together through the power of music and our pursuit of excellence in it. No matter how serious you are in your music education, whether or not you play, whether or not you know someone who plays music, or whether you’re only starting to get into the world of classical music, we hope that you will join us and become a part of what we believe in - that good music should be accessible to anyone.

Please let me know what you all think about this! Do you like this? Do you not like it? Why? I’m curious to see what you all think. Also, please subscribe to our website for the latest info, and meanwhile, stay musical!

-Edith Widayani

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