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Greetings from us at the Indonesia International Piano Competition!

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

“Indonesia International Piano Competition strives to be one of the best piano competitions in Indonesia and Asia region, not only for our standard of distinction and its world-class judges, but also for the experiences and opportunities pianists will receive during and after competition.”

Reading this when I first entered myself into the competition, I was very surprised at how ‘logical and practical’ this competition is! I think it is the first in Indonesia that offers not only just an experience to play for world-class artists, but also think about the longevity of what they, as a competition, can do to support growing talents not only in Indonesia but also in the SEA and Asia region. To be a competition that is focused on growth, learning, and process instead of the result is a very different attitude than most of the other competitions that I have seen here. With this in mind, we at IIPC want to bring something that is more than just a competition to Indonesian classical music scene, as we are hoping to contribute to the development of the classical music appreciation, education, and quality.

I am very proud to say that as of this year, I am joining IIPC as their new Artistic Program Director. I am so excited to not only help curate our programs for this year’s outreach and performances, but also building bridges between musical communities throughout the region! It is a huge privilege that they have given me as the 1st Prize Winner of the Senior Category last year, and they are making their promises come true, providing “experiences and opportunities pianists will receive during and after competition.”

Our team at IIPC is very proud to announce our 2020 project, appropriately titled


as we celebrate the 250th year of Beethoven’s birthday this year! We have an exciting lineup of programs and performances throughout the year all around Indonesia: Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and Semarang! One of our highlights is a piano recital by Prof. Barry Snyder on July 24th, who is not only a wonderful artist and pedagogue but he is also winner of three prizes at the 1966 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition: the Silver Medal, the Pan American Union Award, and the Chamber Music Award. Pianists Dr. Tarin Supprakorn, Wenjie Lu, and Michelle Zhao from the Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY, will also be joining us for a series of performances, as well as the winners of our 2019 competition, plus the amazing talents that Indonesia has! We are so excited to share these programs - masterclasses, public discussion, lecture recitals, inspiring talks, and beautiful music - with you all!

Follow us on social media and subscribe to the website as I write throughout the year! I will definitely write more about IIPC, my thoughts about music and about our events and programs, for sure, but also to answer any questions that you might have! I look forward to hearing from you all, and seeing everyone at our events, and in the meantime, stay musical!

-Edith Widayani

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