General Rules

  • In each category, this competition is open to all Indonesian Citizens and foreignersholding a valid living permit. The Professional Senior and Professional Junior categories are open to candidates from all countries.

  • In the First Round, pianists’ order of appearance will be determined by drawing. An absence at the time of their turn will result in disqualification.

  • All repertoire must be played from memory. No substitution repertoire are allowed after the submission closing date.

  • Candidates of the Junior Concert A and Junior Concert B categories should play different works for each round. Please note that in the first round, the romantic / impressionistic piece should not be an etude.

  • First Round for Junior Concert A and Junior Concert B Category has region-based competition dates and venues. Please check the region (province) division here:


    • Aceh

    • Banten

    • Bengkulu

    • DKI Jakarta

    • Jambi

    • Jawa Barat

    • Jawa Tengah

    • Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

    • Kepulauan Riau

    • Lampung

    • Riau

    • Sumatera Barat

    • Sumatera Selatan

    • Sumatera Utara

    • Yogyakarta​​


    • Bali

    • Gorontalo

    • Jawa Timur

    • Kalimantan Barat

    • Kalimantan Selatan

    • Kalimantan Tengah

    • Kalimantan Timur

    • Kalimatan Utara

    • Maluku

    • Maluku Utara

    • Nusa Tenggara Barat

    • Nusa Tenggara Timur

    • Papua

    • Papua Barat

    • Sulawesi Barat

    • Sulawesi Selatan

    • Sulawesi Tengah

    • Sulawesi Tenggara

    • Sulawesi Utara

  • The jury retains the right to stop a performance without any prejudice.

  • Professional Senior, Professional Junior, Junior Concert A and Junior Concert B Category candidates may only submit to one category. Candidates in Other Categories can submit to more than one sub-category.

  • Candidates are encouraged not to repeat long repetitions. Da Capo and Dal Segno repetitions should be played as is.

  • Finalists may bring their own accompanist or request one from IIPC. There will be an additional charge of Rp 1.500.000 to hire our professional accompanist. This will include one 2 hour rehearsal and the second-round performance.

  • Candidates are required to show all the physical documents previously submitted online on the day of the competition during registration period, as well as copies of all scores with the accurate edition used in their performance.

  • Candidates are required to bear their own transportation and accommodation costs during their competition period in Indonesia.

  • IIPC shall not be liable for any cancellation or alterations to the events due to circumstances beyond control, and for any associated damages and losses.

  • Prizes cannot be exchanged or transferred or substituted.

  • The decisions of the jury are final and not subject to appeal.

  • Any kind of audio / video recording of the performances during the competition is strictly forbidden.

  • IIPC has the right to produce, duplicate, live broadcast, disseminate and publish any audio, video or images taken at any time during the competition. No fee will be payable. The copyrights for all the material created, produced or obtained during the competition shall be the property of IIPC. Sessions may be broadcast live, filmed, and/or recorded for subsequent broadcast, telecast or film documentary, and photographed by and for the press or for other publicity purposes, all without fee to the participants.

  • The first prize winners of the Professional Categories and their travel companion are responsible for obtaining a valid passport and/or other required travel documentation at their own expense. If the winner and their travel companion are unable to travel because of improper travel documents, the prize will be forfeited without compensation and the Silver Medalists will replace them.

  • The winner must be available to travel on the dates mentioned in the prize description. If the winner is unable to compete on the designated dates, the prize shall be forfeited without compensation.

  • Finalists will be responsible for appearing in the concert engagement arranged by IIPC without professional fees.​

IIPC Reserves All Rights to Change Any Rules & Regulations Without Prior Notice.

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