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General Rules


  • The IIPC 2023 is opened for all Indonesian citizens and all foreigners with valid resident status for all categories. Professional Senior and Professional Junior category are open to pianists of all nationalities.

  • Previous first-prize winners of the Indonesia International Piano Competition are not eligible to apply in the same age category.

  • The IIPC 2023 will apply a firm cut-off date, determined by the categories as follows:

  • All applicants should submit to only one category.



  • Candidates are required to show their original identity previously submitted online on the day of the competition during registration period.

  • Candidates might be requested to submit copies of the scores either electronically or physically.

  • Candidates are encouraged to remain in Jakarta during the competition period. Attending Welcome Reception is compulsory for Professional Senior and Professional Junior category.

  • Candidates of all categories are encouraged to attend the Gala Concert.

  • All competition rounds will be open to the public.

  • The competition consists of some separate elimination rounds, determined by the categories. All competition rounds will be held in Jakarta, except the audition for Professional Senior and Professional Junior categories which will be done through video submission.

  • The order of appearance of pianists in the Semi Final Round will be determined by drawing. An absence at the time of turn will result in disqualification. IIPC has the right to omit the absent candidate and forward the performance to the next candidate.

  • Candidate of all categories will occupy same draw number for all competition rounds.

  • All finalists of Professional Senior and Professional Junior categories will perform with orchestra in the Final Round. Finalists will be given opportunity to rehearse with orchestra at the time allocated by IIPC.

  • All repertoires must be played from memory. No substitution repertoires allowed after submission’s closing date.

  • Candidates are encouraged not to repeat long repetitions. Nonetheless, Da Capo and Dal Segno repetitions should be played as is.

  • The jury retains the right to stop a performance without any prejudice.

  • The jury makes final decisions and not subject to appeal.

  • All private communications between participant and jury are strictly forbidden during the competition period. Any violation of this rule may cause to disqualifications.

  • Prizes and award appointed by IIPC cannot be exchanged or transferred or substituted.

  • Cash prizes will be deducted by taxes according to Indonesia tax laws in effect at the time of the competition.


  • Professional Senior and Professional Junior participants who are invited to perform at the Semi Final Round of IIPC 2023, should obtain their travel documents on their own expenses. IIPC will assist foreign participants as needed in securing their visas upon notification.

  • Candidates are required to bear their own transportation and accommodation costs during the competition in Jakarta.

  • IIPC shall not be liable for any cancellation or alterations to the events due to circumstances beyond control, and for any associated damages and losses.

  • Any kind of audio / video recording of the performances during the competition is strictly forbidden.

  • IIPC has the right to produce, duplicate, broadcast live, disseminate and publish the audio, video and images taken at any time during the competition. No fee shall be payable. The copyrights for all the material created, produced, or obtained during the competition shall be the property of IIPC. Sessions may be broadcast live, filmed, and/or recorded for subsequent broadcast, telecast or film documentary, and photographed by and for the press or for other publicity purposes, all without fee to the participants.

  • Finalists will be responsible to appear in the concert engagement arranged by IIPC without professional fees.


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