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Terms & Conditions


  • IIPC Piano Festival Committee has the right to determine performers who are eligible to participate in the masterclass.

  • Participant must have a minimum technical ability equivalent to Senior Category at the IIPC 2024. A younger participant may be allowed to join if their musical maturity and repertoires meet the standards.

  • IIPC 2024 Professional Senior and Professional Junior Category can automatically submit themselves to participate in the masterclass. Whilst others should send their proposal which includes repertoires and video URL as a proof of their proficiency to join the masterclass.

  • Each participant will have two or three masterclasses with different faculties.

  • Participants are required to submit at least two or more major works. Due to time restraints, it is the prerogative of the faculty to select which excerpts to hear if participants perform an extensive composition.

  • Concerto repertoire may be included, but the concerto selected to be performed at the IIPC 2024 final round (for IIPC 2024 finalists) may not be performed before the competition. All repertoires must be performed from memory.

  • Participants are encouraged to use Urtext Editions as their music source.

  • Participants are obliged to wear appropriate attire to perform at the masterclass.

  • All private communications between participant and faculty are strictly forbidden during the competition period. Any violation of this rule is grounds for disqualification.

  • Masterclasses are open to public.



  • To be arranged

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are not available at the moment.


  • IIPC welcomes observers of all ages. This is a great opportunity to observe the teaching of many different international artists, and to attend the Faculty Recital Series, the Student Recital, as well as the final round of Professional Senior and Professional Junior Category at IIPC 2024.

  • Accompanying person / parent / guardian of active masterclass participants can automatically take steps as observers.

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