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Wong Chee Yean

Chee Yean is a pianist and composer from Malaysia. He graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA under the guidance of Mr. Emile Naoumoff, a pupil of the renowned pedagogue Nadia Boulanger.

As a performer, Chee Yean has collaborated with musicians from the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in their Chamber Music Series over the years, demonstrating his versatility both as a pianist and harpsichordist.

Despite lacking formal composition training, he has managed to establish himself as a composer in Malaysia. His orchestral compositions like "Six Sketches" and "Triptych" were premiered by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and his vocal pieces premiered by the Chin Yong Music Society in Malaysia, Singapore, China, and the U.K. One of his compositions for wind ensemble "On Huygen's Aria," was even published in Germany.

As an arranger, Chee Yean has made notable contribution to the wind ensemble repertoire. One of the highlights of his career as an arranger, was the live recording of Mozart’s 25th Piano Concerto arranged for wind ensemble, with himself the soloist at the International Chamber Music Festival in Yogjakarta.

Alongside his artistic pursuits, Chee Yean is also dedicated to education. He serves as a full-time piano lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia, nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians. Some of his students have achieved success in regional competitions, a testament to his guidance and mentorship. 

Chee Yean's journey as a pianist, composer, and educator speaks volumes of his dedication to music. His contributions, both on stage and in the classroom, humbly enrich the Malaysian music community and inspire those around him.

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