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IIPC 2024.png

Category 1

1st Prize 

Timothy Sam Kosasih


2nd Prize 

Claire Hartono


3rd Prize 

Elaine Theona Phan

1st Commandment Prize 
Ann Shereen Yao

2nd Commandment Prize 

Charlotte Megan Budiyanto


3rd Commandment Prize 
Edward Nathaniel Handoko

Young Promising Pianist Award 
Cathleen Scarlett Hayasi
Charlotte Florentine Lee
Mary Kate Onggowijoyo


Category 2

1st Prize 

Hazel Everly Wantana


2nd Prize 

Clerisse Lie


3rd Prize 

Rebecca Shannen Lie

Young Promising Pianist Award 

Callia Kardiono
Canaan Jedd Nyoto
Eugene Savio Hulay
Gizelle Everly Wantana
Tyra Louise Tohnika

* Competition is part of a learning process, in which the assessment is temporary. Thus, we would like to remind that the judges make final decisions and not subject to appeal.

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