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Classical music in Indonesia has grown rapidly in the past several decades. Its reach has expanded through concerts, competitions and other activities that have immersed a greater and more diverse audience in the genre. Many young, talented Indonesian pianists who pursue their dreams of joining international competitions or continue their studies abroad have become successful internationally. 

With its first rounds held in May and the final rounds in July, Indonesia International Piano Competition is passionate about presenting the brightest opportunities for pianists to show their talent and offering select platforms for them to begin their musical career. The Grand Signature Piano is very proud to support a competition whose vision is to be aninternational event that not only Indonesian pianists, but talented pianists from Asia Pacific Region, will look forward to being a part of.

This competition holds its own amongst the best, not only for its standard of distinction and its world class judges, but for the experiences and opportunities pianists will receive during and after the competition. Merely in its debut, this international piano competition has attracted several highly accomplished international participants, some hailing from China, Japan and Singapore. It is our hope that this enthusiasm from the international world will continue to grow in future competitions.

Indonesia International Piano Competition is the first substantial step we can take together to make a difference in Indonesia’s classical music. This is our dedication to Indonesia.

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