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Category 2

Born After : July 15, 2008


Semi Final Round

(maximum duration: 8 minutes)

  • One technical work with a difficulty equivalent to Czerny Op. 299

  • One lyrical piece of standard solo piano repertoire (approval by the committee is compulsory)

Works from the Semi Final Round cannot be repeated for Final Round.

Final Round

A 15-minute program, which include:

  • One Invention / Sinfonia by J. S. Bach

  • One first movement of a piano sonata by

    • Haydn (any sonata)

    • Mozart (any sonata)

    • Beethoven (piano sonata no. 1-12)

  • Free choice(s) of standard solo piano repertoires

IIPC Reserves All Rights to Change Any Rules & Regulations Without Prior Notice.

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