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“IIPC is an artistic platform showcasing gifted young pianists in the Asia Pacific Region.”


There are a total of 9 categories in this competition.

“Other Categories” is designed to be a platform where each bracket is considered an educative stepping stone to entering the higher categories. Through this competition, participants may gain the experience to give them the confidence to enter the next level of musicianship.


The IIPC considers judges from all around the world. The judges chosen are experienced in evaluating international competitions, are well known recording artists or reputable pedagogues. Their expertise lends our goal of music education a new dimension.


Even our youngest pianists in the early stages of this competition are rewarded for their efforts. Our prizes are meant to compliment and show deep appreciation for the remarkable efforts associated with each level of difficulty.

In the Professional Category, the Gold Medalist will proudly represent Indonesia at the 2019 Blüthner Irmler International Piano Competition in Qingdao, China. Additionally, they will get a “wild card” to participate directly in the competition’s second round, competing with pianists from around the world and playing with an international orchestra.


IIPC 2019 provides winners in the Professional Categories with the opportunity to launch their musical careers by obtaining an offer for a recording contract and numerous concert engagements organized by The Grand Signature Piano.

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