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Senior Repertoire

Semi Final Round

(Maximum duration: 10 minutes)

  • One technical work with a difficulty equivalent to Czerny Op. 740

  • One lyrical piece of solo piano repertoire (with compulsory approval by the IIPC committee)

Works from the Semi Final Round cannot be repeated for the Final Round.

Final Round

(Maximum duration: 20 minutes)

  • One Prelude & Fugue by J. S. Bach / Allemande & Gigue from French Suite, English Suite, or Partita by J. S. Bach

  • One first or last movement of a piano sonata by

    • Haydn (any sonata)

    • Mozart (any sonata)

    • Beethoven (piano sonata no. 1-12)

  • One free choice of solo piano repertoire

Works performed in the Semi Final and Final Round must not include transcriptions, simplifications, self-made arrangements, or original compositions.

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