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Professional Junior Repertoire

Preliminary Round

Video submission with a minimum of 15 minutes of solo piano repertoire. Program should include:

  • One virtuosic etude

  • One Prelude & Fugue by J. S. Bach

  • One movement of a sonata by Haydn / Mozart / Beethoven (first or last movement)

  • One lyrical work

The video must always show the pianist's face and hands in the frame. Each work performed must be a continuous and unedited performance, but a pause may be taken between each piece of repertoire. Submitted video should be taken within six months of submission..

Work performed in the video submission may be repeated for the Semi Final Round.

Semi Final Round

A 20 to 25-minute recital of solo piano repertoire. Candidates should arrange their own programme in which they can demonstrate technical ability, maturity, and artistry, as well as an ability to engage the audience through their performance.

Works performed in the Preliminary and Semi Final Round may include transcriptions, but must not include simplifications, self-made arrangements, or original compositions.

Final Round

One of the following works:

  • Piano Concerto No. 11 in D major, Hob. XVIII/11 (F. J. Haydn) – 1st movement

  • Piano Concerto No. 9 in E-flat major, K. 271 “Jeunehomme” (W. A. Mozart) – 1st movement

  • Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major, Op. 15 (L. v. Beethoven) – 1st movement

  • Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21 (F. Chopin) – 1st movement

Finalists will perform with an orchestra.

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