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Our Inaugural Competition

July, 2019

In the words of Helen Gumanti, head of the IIPC artistic committee, IIPC is designed to be one of the most prestigious piano competitions in the Asia Pacific Region. “Through this competition, we can make a major contribution to the development of classical music in Indonesia, as Indonesian pianists should not need to go far out of the country to be able to compete at the international level,” she established. To further create impact in the musical and artistic pursuit of the laureates, IIPC also provides performances and recording opportunities to the gold medalists of the professional category under The Grand Signature Piano, making it the only competition in Indonesia that rewards its winners with a chance to jumpstart professional careers.

As the culmination of IIPC, The Winners Award & Gala Concert was held on July 7, 2019 at Usmar Ismail Hall - Jakarta. The event featured competition’s judge Pascal Rogé, pianist of international caliber from well-known record labels and one of the most renowned French music icons in the world. Most significantly, the progress of the top young pianists of today will be showcased through the appearance of laureates from each of the four competing categories. That same night, awards will be given to all pianists who have taken part as volunteers in this year’s IIPC.

Your presence is invaluable support for young pianists in the country. Let us invigorate Indonesia’s musical scene with our dedication to Indonesia!