Other Categories

Czerny Category

(born after 1 Oct 2009)

  • One piece from Practical Exercises for Beginners, Op.599 (Czerny, C.)

Burgmüller Category

(born after 1 Oct 2009)

  • One piece from 25 Easy and Progressive Studies, Op. 100 (Burgmüller, J.)

Bach Junior Category

(born after 1 Oct 2009)

  • One piece from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach

Bach Intermediate Category

(born after 1 Oct 2004)

  • One two-part Bach invention

Sonatina Category

(born after 1 Oct 2006)

One piece of a Sonatina by:

  • F. Kuhlau Op. 20 & Op. 55

  • M. Clementi Op. 36

  • A. Diabelli Op. 151 & Op. 168

  • J. L. Dussek Op. 20



First Round

Surabaya, 10 – 11 Mei 2019

Vasa Hotel Surabaya

Jl. HR Muhamad No. 31 – Surabaya

Jakarta, 12 Mei 2019

The Grand Atelier and Culture Center

Fagetti Building Lantai 2

Komplek Harco Elektronik Mangga Dua Blok F No. 2 – 4, Jl. Mangga Dua Raya – Jakarta Pusat

First Prize Winner

Trophy, certificate, cash amount: IDR 500.000

Second Prize Winner

Trophy, certificate


Third Prize Winner

Trophy, certificate

Potential Winners

Medal, Certificate of Merit


Medal, Certificate of Participations

* Prize tax is borne by the winner​


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